Toprak Émile Zola


Published: 1999


446 pages


Toprak  by  Émile Zola

Toprak by Émile Zola
1999 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 446 pages | ISBN: | 4.60 Mb

I love Zola. Despite his reputation as a deterministic naturalist, I find his books filled with a great zest for life in all its wonderful grubbiness. Hes like Hardy with all the good parts put back in. His peasants fight, fuck and fart with great abandon (nearly an entire chapter is given over to one characters flatulence in its many permutations), and if many of them come to bad ends, or endure great hardships, well, who among us comes to a good end?Its all part of the human comedy for him, and in this novel (which was Zolas personal favorite), the people are both rich in their connections, but also mere specks on the landscape.

The earth, the dirt, endures, and we are all just ants on the hill. No gods having their sport with Tess here- the earth has no more agency or malice than the tornado or the clouds.But its Zolas gift that he can both take that wide-angle view and also spend as much time showing the intricate and interdependent relationships in the small town ecosystem, and create memorable and finely drawn characters.

Just because in the geologic time frame all is vanity, it doesnt mean that the pain the people feel is no less keen, or any less important to them. Its a great feat of negative capability, and a great book.

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